Important Covid-19 Protocols

Attendance Policy

It is very important that you attend all of your scheduled visits. If you cannot attend, we require that you provide us with notice at least 1 full business day in advance so we can fill your appointment slot with another patient. Please be aware that failure to provide appropriate notice will result in a missed appointment fee Please refer to our financial policy for more detailed information regarding our missed appointment policies.

Missed Appointments
Appointments that are canceled without timely notice or missed without notice are subject to a Canceled or Missed Appointment fee. The following are our appointment types and the related canceled appointment notice requirements and fees should notice not be provided within the specified time frame.

  • Physical Therapy Initial Evaluation / 1 full business day notice required / $40.00 Canceled or “No-Show” Appointment Charge
  • Physical Therapy Follow up Treatment / 1 full business day notice required / $25.00 Canceled or “No-Show” Appointment Charge

Inconsistent Attendance
If you fail to attend your regular appointments, or are inconsistent in attending therapy, you may be discharged. Your physician and/or case manager will be notified and you will not be able to return to therapy without a new doctor’s prescription.

If you have any questions about Liberty Physical Therapy’s attendance policy, please call 530-319-4123.