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For your convenience and care, Liberty Physical Therapy works in conjunction with Shasta Orthopaedics.

This special collaboration means the Liberty Physical Therapy Staff has special insight into your care and can communicate more efficiently with your Shasta Orthopaedics provider.

Physical Therapy Team

Redding California Outpatient Physical Therapy

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David Lindsey, PT

Physical Therapist

David Lindsey is a graduate of California State University, Sacramento with a degree in Physical Therapy. He has had 12 years of experience as a practicing Physical Therapist in both the inpatient and outpatient physical therapy settings in the local Redding area. His expertise and interests include treating patients in the outpatient physical therapy and home health physical therapy settings.

David has also been a Certified Work Capacity Evaluator (CWCE) where he evaluates and establishes appropriate functional levels of patients for return to work.

Redding California Outpatient Physical Therapist
Redding California Inpatient Physical Therapist